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We've worked with some amazing brands so far!
See what they've had to say about the experience.

"I've honestly never felt so comfortable during my shoot and in turn I've never been happier with the results. I've done several brand photoshoots before that I never ended up using because the results were NOT what I intended. Working with Lindsey has completely changed my business."


Meet The Bearded Woodsman

Matt wasn't sure what to do regarding setting up social media, nor was he excited for a photoshoot. I explained how posed smiling photos aren't what everyone needs, and after finding out more about what he does and whom he is trying to reach, we knew people would love some "behind the scenes" images that would highlight not only the product but also the process of them being made. 

Meet Titan Timber.

Shonna needed images for her website that could help show her strength and knowledge of her work for her international clients. We made sure to highlight her work in the field (or, in her case, in the forest) as well as equipment used for transport. Highlighting not only the work but also the workers helps allow her clients from far distances to feel closer to her work.

Meet The Branding District LLC.

Megan came to me in need of branded imagery to use on her social media, but most importantly, for her website. Her own digital space was lacking the professional imagery it deserved to bring her platform to life. This was incredibly important to her as she designs websites and understood the importance of a photo and the difference it can make.

Meet Field Sparrow Farm.

Danny and Lauren had such beautiful organic food, but nothing to show what makes them stand out or who they even were. We captured images they could use for farmers' markets, future events, and to highlight special items that other farms and vendors didn't  have in the area. It not only helped boost sales with current clients, but brought many new clients 

Product Photography

Product photography is equally important when it comes to branding sessions. A picture is worth a thousand words, so it's time to let your products do the talking. Let the white backdrops go and invest in the importance of having photos of your items without the white background to help build interest.

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Rock Hill, South Carolina

I help entrepreneurs and influencers have a stream of images they can pull from by taking pictures every quarter. 

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