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Carpenter at Work

Brand photography for
high-level entrepreneurs.

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Carpenter Leaning on Piece of Wood
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I'm so glad you're here


If you're looking for a brand photography session that feels comfortable and relaxed - yet produces high-quality, elevated imagery, then you've found the right place! I work with crafters and brand owners of all styles to produce beautiful photos that elude professionalism and character to highlight your legacy. I look forward to helping you tell your brand story!

Curious how it works? 

Get in contact

Click the button below to message me. I will respond to your questions and we can set up a time to meet.

Video chat

We will connect via video chat to go over the details and see if we will be a good fit for each other and your brand.

Make it official

If we decide to move forward, we can sign paperwork and start planning your first branding photo session!

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Offering a variety of brand photography options that fit

Your brand. Your story. Your legacy.

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Carpenter Cutting Wood

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